Esailing match racing Loki's Cup 2019

First international esailing match racing event


  • The Goal is to allow for the best Match racing action on Virtual Regatta inshore and have the Opportunity to run a larger number of great match against the best opponents
  • It is aiming to gather 36 players (24 & 30 are also possible) from a wide range of countries.
  • The selection will primarily be based on the latest MR challenge ranks, former ESWC ranks, and others requierements we have set ( countries, attitude, goodwill).
  • It will be played online using the Duel feature of VRI, and will need the upmost good spirit from all participants
  • The success of the even mostly relying on people's good will to organise,  play duel, and report results truthfully.
  • This is a first try and if its successful,  we will do a lot more, on a wider scale, and also help others organized more such events.
  • So if you are not selected, please dont be angry, there will other chance.
  • Some players are already shortlisted and are being contacted, but few spots may still be available if you want to apply,  contact "L1"  in direct message in VF forum chat or friend "L1 MR" in vr game chat.
  • A pending list will be kept open, and will propose to people to take over any dropping user

Race Format

Composed of  two consecutives round robin stage and then a final stage to offer the fairest chance to all.
3 consecutives steps
  • First, a sorting round robin:
    The player will be splited on several sorting pool, where each should meet once.
    pools are created by seed+randomness,
    The goal is to create a first hierachy and allow to create leveled pools at following stage.
    (should be 4 RR(G1,G2,G3,G4) of 9 people each)
    Each should race 8 duels.
    the result of the round robins will help populate the next stage
    • The 3 first of each group will go on X1
    • 4-6 of each group will go on X2
    • 7-9 of each group will go on X3

  • Second, Main round Robin
    Round robin in each pool where each should meet every opponent in 2 races
    (should be 3 RR(X1,X2,X3) of 12 people each)
    Each should race 22 duels.
  • Third, Final Table in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, final.
    With (12) X1 + 3 first X2 + first X3 will meet in regular final table (16 players)
    Where Player will choose their 1/8 opponents according to ranking order, in 2 victory match (up to 3 matches)
    The Final is then played on 3 victory(up to 5 match).

    If people are interested there will also be ranking races for people 16-36.

When ?

The Official timing from Round Robin 1 is now from : Thursday 2nd of May 10h GMT, to Monday 6th of may 23h GMT
, Round Robin 2 should shortly follow and final phase should start around the 20th

There is no exact duration set as we are experimenting, altought goal is to keep momentum.

plans are :

  • First stage should be run over a ~4 days period
  • Second stage should run over a ~5 days period
  • Each final stage should run on a 24h period

We will try to accomode people as much as we can, and not overlapp with other main events.  


Following the invitation to join the event, participants will need to register to 2 additionals services :

To toornament, a web site to host tournament management. where participants will see updated results and also self reports results.

if need support on toornament contact L1.

To discord, a pc / mobile chat app oriented for gamers where participants will be able to communicate quickly with one another.
We will be using an existing discord group : VRI Sailing Club : INVITE TO JOIN WILL BE SENT BY EMAIL, after toornament registration
there are 2 channels dedicated to this discuss this event.

  • chat-mr-cup
  • info-mr-cup

To download the app, on PC or Mobile : Download Discord

Any questions should be asked there.

if in need of support on discord contact L1, lukasMohr or RedDragon.

More infos

We will ask everyone to do a screen capture of every duel results, and best even to record the race.
This will allow to sort any dispute on result reporting. Again the success rely on people reporting results truthfully.
someone caught trying to cheat the system will be expelled immediately and replaced by someone from the pending list.

We encourage everyone to cast on twitch or record and upload on youtube or any other video feed.
We will provide assistance to do so

Semi and Final should (if permitted) be also live casted.


Is there any price or anything to win?
Currently there is nothing to gain but some pride.
We are trying to get some small perks for the podium. We will let you know if anything arrise.

How many players are expected?
We hope to have the largest number of player, but we also need to cope with the underlying organisation, therefore it is currently capped at 36 players.
Bear in mind this is a first of a kind, and we are experimenting here. If all goes well we will definilty have more participants in the future.

A pending list will be kept open, and we will propose to people to take over any dropping participant

What happens if we are not 36?
If we are 24 or 30 instead of 36, round robin will be organized a bit differently but with same spirit.

What are the rules to follow?
We run on Virtual Regatta inshore, therefore, the rules as implemented are "THE" rules. There can not be any complain on misjudement.

If a player quits, DNF, disconnect, DNS etc he should be considered as a loss and there should not be a right to rematch (unless agreed between players - which we expect would be the fair way)
Obviously if the disconnection happen before the start, and its obvious to the other that it did not make any action, we also expect people to be fair and rematch.

How are duel organized?
It is the responsability of each player to check the game he needs to play on toornament, get in touch with each other and setup a timing and duel each other within the period.
one can do each game of the round robin in no particular order.
if game are not played in time, people will be considered dropping and will either be replaced or give victory to others.

Which account should i use?
we expect people to use their main account but one can also use another account provide that it contains their "known" name. (due the fact that boat need to 'friend' to race against each other)
it should be the also the name used in toornament registration.

Who is the organisation?
its a groups of indépendant esailors.
I (L1)  will be the main umpire, but also a competitor, and there are others members in the orgs that have full control to also control me.

How do you sort ties in round robin?
principes are :
- keep only matches people have raced togheter, and see if tie is broken.
** addition for RR2 ** if people are still tie, we will look if they (all) encoutered in RR1. ** if still untied, we will favor the one with most duels played in RR2. (- unless less played on good faith -) - if tie remain (and if relevant) we will run another small round robin with just these person to solve tie.
- if tie is still not solved, we will use registration RR2 seed entry order to sort people.

updates on 19 april

Which boat shall be used?
As of now, we do not have control on that, as of now the duel boat is currently set as STAR
and I do hope that it stay this was until the end of this cup
we understood from VR that other boats may be illegible to Match Race at some time. AS of now j70 should be ok but 49er, f18, and nacra not.

I found others to be very agressive on MR, is it normal?
Match racing principle is really simple, one need to cross the finish line first, and one can use any means available in the book to reach that goal
including strongly controling the opponent, but there is no bad spirit intended, its just part of the game.

What rules differs in VRI from what i know?
Currently :

  • there is a bogus R18 rule that is applied near the downwind gate when passing close to it in first upwind.
  • The R18 is also broadly apply at top mark and may overly be applied on boat on other leg.
  • R11 and R12 are not always properly applied when one boat is downwind and one upwind
  • at some part of tacking the 13 is overly applied usually instead of a R11
But most are rather deterministic and same for all players, so we should be wary about it but live with it.
Also :
  • no 14, 17, 22

Where shall i find a crash course on Match Racing
The following introduction pretty much covers it. Basic Match Racing - Understanding the Game
Of course the Duel in virtual regatta is a much simplified version of it, but still feel close enought.

How shall we run a duel
When you know the group or league you are in you should make sure you have friended every person in the group
Then for each match, you should cordinate, either in discord or vr chat, how and when to proceed with the duel
people should also talk just before starting the duel to know if they are both ready.
When game is finished people should screen capture the result, and keep them.
both player should coordinate to know who will report in Toornament the result, and in any case the second player should double check ( and possibly dispute the result ) on toornament.

How to report a result
Please see How to report result in toornament

How to follow the result?
Toornament has nice feature to see group results (there are also html widget available)

Or even an Animation made for TV display

How are going to be handled people that drops?

  • On first round robin :
    • if someone is dropping It will be proposed to someone from the pending list to take over the slot, including assuming past-win and past-lost. if no-one is taking over the slot, if the player has played less than 50% of its match, all its match will be cleared and be completly removed (including past results), otherwise he is a BYE for the remaining.
  • In second round robin :
    • If someone is dropping from X1, it will be proposed to the one after him the previous round robin to replace him (with past win and loose). if no-one is taking over the player, if he has less than 50% of its match, all its match will be cleared and be completly removed (including past results), otherwise he is a BYE for the remaining, and extra qualification slot will open in X2.
    • If someone is dropping from X2, it will be proposed to first after him the previous round robin in X3, to replace it (with past win and loose). if no-one is taking over, if he has less than 50% of its match, all its match will be cleared and be completly removed (including past results), otherwise he is a BYE for the remaining.
    • If someone is dropping from X3 : if he has less than 50% of its match, all its match will be cleared and be completly removed (including past results), otherwise he is a BYE for the remaining.
  • if someone is dropping on the 1/8, the first non qualified in order will be called back.
  • if someone is dropping on further table, its previous defeated opponent will be called back.

How to create screen capture

  • On PC & MAC :
    i strongly recommend to install a software called greenshot. that will directly save your capture to the right format and directory.
    to install it
  • On IOS device :
    pressing "home" button and "on" button at the same time copy the screen.
  • On Android device :
    Every vendor has its own way to make screen capture so you need to look it up directly

How to record race on PC

  • On Windows 10 PC :
    Windows 10 come with game bar that allow to simply record screen : more info here
  • On PC with Nvidia graphics card
    One should look info geforce experience shadowplay here
  • On PC with AMD graphics card :
    one should look into AMD Radeon relive, more info here

How to record screen on IOS ?
using IOS 12 recording, more info here

Any other question please ask in discord.