Final clap on the Loki's Cup, first esailing matchracing cup on VirtualRegatta

Sweeping victory of Cruzolator from Almeria Spain

The race was co-organised by the Virtual sailing club (VRC), Ecole de voile de Locquirec (EVL), and, with great parthership with and the support of VirtualRegatta.

The race aimed to be the first esailing Match racing event, to produce the best match racing with the best sailors in the spirit of a world match tour event.
30 best esailors from 20 countries have battled 600 duels to make there way thru a months long competition via 3 steps.
  • first 2 consecutives round robin stages, to allow for all players to meet theirs opponents, get accustomed with boats & venue, as well as tools in use for the tournament, and qualify for final table
  • A final table starting from 1/8 final with top 16 players

The organisation have been using toornament as supporting tools of the race, and many info, results, are available from it :

as well as many replays here

The race

Players have been sorted based on their past results on a first round robin, and have met once meet once. on first week of May.
Players are from 9 differents timezone across Europe, America, Asia & Oceania

Players are then separated on 3 leveled pool of 12 based on their results on RR1, and will meet twice. Each pool offers ways for participants to qualify (all from D1, 3 from D2, and 1 from D3)

At the end of the RR2, players qualified for final table where able to pick their next opponent. Each step being played on a best of 3.

Several favorites lost to their chosen runner up in the 1/8. Highlighting how unpredictable match racing can be.
duel on 1/4 were breathtaking, as most duels played on 2-1 results
Can be replayed here :

Semi and small and big final were more straightforward, and leeding to full spanish final betwen Cruzolator and esp1731, won 3-0
and a small final for 3rd place between HRCRocket, and Alberto Carraro, won 2-0.

Thanks to the support of VirtualRegatta, which provided us with a special challenge for the loki's cup. This permitted the great live commenting from awesome EsailingTV The full result :


The feedbacks of the race was impressive:
  • a huge cheers from participants and spectators.
  • Few difficulties arrose to match between timezone, and personal constrains (school, work, family, real life sailing etc), but most constrains got worked out.
  • Players are eager to start asap another Match Race event
Link to former notice of race